Planning a Kids Valentine's Day Party? (2024)

Inside: Looking for kid'sValentine’s Day Party ideas? Get these super fun, super simple ideas for a low prep party your kids are sure to remember. There are some affiliate links included in this post, which means at no extra cost to you I earn a small advertising fee if you buy through that link.

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Do you ever find yourself asking your kids how there day was at school, only to get the same answer, “I don’t remember.”? Well a Valentine’s Day party is sure to be full of fun activities that they will remember. Here are some easy ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day with the whole class.

My daughter's teachers usually invite parents to help plan the party and we are lucky to always have an awesome response from parents at our school. These ideas would be perfect for teachers or parents to pull off at school- or even for a party at home!

These ideas use basic materials and can be set up with very little prep. WINNING.

EASY DIY Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

Set up a simple, Giant Teacher Valentine Card from the Whole Class – This super simple activity was a huge hit last year- not just with the kids but with the teacher too. It is an easy way to let the kids show their appreciation for their teacher. We don't have to tell the kids that it sneaks in a bit of writing practice.

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Musical Hearts –This is like the classic game, Musical Chairs. Normally you would place chairs in a circle, in the center of the room. You would have enough chairs for all but one child. Then you would turn on music for a random amount of time. When you shut the music off, the children would all rush to sit down in a chair. Whomever is left standing is then out of the game. You take away one more chair and continue until there is only one person left. To incorporate this game into your Valentine’s party, replace the chairs with gigantic heart shape cutouts to sit on.

Stacking Hearts –This simple valentine's day party idea requires only candy conversation hearts (or heart shaped mini erasers if candy is not allowed) and a timer. It is simply a contest to see who can stack the candy hearts the highest, before it topples over, and before time runs out. One minute should be enough time. This game is so simple and fun because any age group of kids will love it. Plus, if you’re having a heart-themed party, these party supplies make perfect party favors. Choose pink and red to stick with the love theme.

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Valentine Delivery Bean Bag Toss –Decorate two boxes for Valentine’s Day. They can be white, pink, purple or red, and covered in different colored hearts. Then stick a piece of painters’ tape to the ground, and place the decorated boxes a short distance away. These boxes are the mailboxes and the bean bags are the Valentines. Divide the kids into two teams and have them take turns seeing how many Valentines (the bean bags) they can deliver to the “mailboxes”.

Valentine Words Salt Tray – If you use alternative writing practice ideas or sensory bins, this would make a fun station for individual work.

Create a Valentine Station –At this station, the kids will have the opportunity to create a special Valentine for mom or dad. Place an assortment of construction paper, pom poms, glue, glitter, crayons and markers on the table, and let the kids go at it. You can create the whole party around this Valentine’s Day station. Kids love making something special for the people they love, so allow them to make a few Valentines for those special people.

Heart Garland Station – Kids LOVE making decorations. These are super simple and offer as much fun as they do fine motor skills practice! If you don't want to deal with the scraps and cutting, you could opt for a simple paper doily heart garland instead.

Heart Relay –You will need two plastic cups, a bag of conversation hearts (or heart vase fillers if you are not allowed to have candy), and a plastic spoon. Fill one cup up with the candy hearts, and place the empty cup across the room. The children will have one minute to fill the other cup up with as many hearts as they can. The catch is that they can only use the spoon to carry them over. This game teaches teamwork and the kids will be laughing and giggling the whole time. The best part is the kids can do all the cleaning up.

Felt Heart Twister – Want to get a little physical activity going at the party? Set up some simple active games with felt or paper hearts.

Make a simple Valentine's Day T-shirt – Got more time on your hands, or are you occupying older kids? Crafting at that level can still be fun and simple.

Valentine's Day Silly Fill-Ins – These are free printable wacky mad lib style activities for kids who can read and write if you need an activity that is table based (to make room for all those active games!).

Valentines I -Spy – These printable I-Spy pages are perfect for those fidgety minutes when the parents are setting up the activities and the kids are getting restless.

Valentines Word Bump – A great game to do with everyone seated at their desks, it works with any spelling list so you can use it over and over.

Valentine Bingo– Same thing, if you are planning a party where the kids will need to stay seated, you can't go wrong with Bingo!

Heart Ten Frame Math Game – If you have those heart mini-erasers or vase fillers, they are perfect for a simple math game to help students work on their math facts.

Valentines Dice Games – If your kids like dice games, here is another printable to have on hand for a quiet table station.

Looking for some pre-made kits or games to add even more fun? Check out these fun options:

Inflatable Valentines Hearts Game

Valentine's Day Bean Bag Toss

Valentine's Day Photo Booth Accessories

Valentine's Day Coloring Pages

I hope these kids Valentine’s Day party ideas help your party be successful this year. Got other ideas? Share them in the comments for the next reader!

Planning a Kids Valentine's Day Party? (2)

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As an expert in party planning and a parent with firsthand experience, I can confidently say that I have a depth of knowledge when it comes to organizing fun and memorable events for kids. I have spent countless hours researching and trying out various party ideas to ensure that they are not only enjoyable but also easy to set up with minimal preparation. With that being said, let's dive into the concepts used in the article about kids' Valentine's Day party ideas.

  1. Valentine's Day Party: The article focuses on providing ideas for a Valentine's Day party for kids. It emphasizes the importance of making the party fun and engaging so that children will remember it. The ideas presented in the article are suitable for both teachers who want to plan a party at school and parents who want to organize a party at home.

  2. Low Prep Party: The article highlights the convenience of the party ideas by emphasizing their simplicity and the minimal preparation required. The author understands that parents and teachers are often busy, so the ideas provided can be executed with basic materials and little effort.

  3. Fun Activities: The article suggests various fun activities that can be incorporated into the Valentine's Day party. These activities include making a giant Valentine card for the teacher, playing a Valentine-themed version of Musical Chairs called "Musical Hearts," stacking candy conversation hearts in a contest called "Stacking Hearts," and engaging in a Valentine bean bag toss game. The article also suggests setting up stations for creating Valentine's Day crafts, such as a Valentine station, a heart garland station, and a Valentine T-shirt-making station.

  4. Educational Elements: The article cleverly incorporates educational elements into the party ideas. For example, the giant Valentine card and the Valentine station encourage children to practice their writing and artistic skills. The stacking hearts game promotes fine motor skills development, while the heart relay game teaches teamwork.

  5. Additional Ideas: The article provides additional ideas and resources to enhance the party experience. These include printable activities like Valentine's Day Silly Fill-Ins, Valentine's I-Spy, Valentine's Word Bump, and Valentine Bingo. The article also suggests using pre-made kits or games such as the Inflatable Valentine Hearts Game, Valentine's Day Bean Bag Toss, Valentine's Day Photo Booth Accessories, and Valentine's Day Coloring Pages.

Overall, the article offers a comprehensive range of ideas and resources to help make kids' Valentine's Day parties enjoyable, memorable, and easy to organize. Whether you're a teacher or a parent, these ideas are sure to bring joy and excitement to the celebration.

Planning a Kids Valentine's Day Party? (2024)


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