Daycare Teachers Make So Much Possible—We Found Best Gifts To Show Your Appreciation (2024)

It's never been clearer just how hard daycare owners and teachers work. We can’t thank them enough—not just for their expertise and reliability, so that we can do other jobs throughout the day, but also for the loving, thoughtful way they care for our kids. Basically, we think giving gifts to daycare teachers is the very teeniest tiniest least we could do to show them our appreciation.

Giving teachers gifts can be a really simple task—we’ve never met one who didn’t love receiving a gift card, a cash tip, or even a very nice, handwritten note. But if for the end of the school year, teacher appreciation week, the holidays, or a special occasion, you feel like doing something above and beyond, you may need a bit of gift inspiration.

After giving our own share of gifts to daycare teachers, while also spending years recommending gifts for a living, we came up with this list. These gifts fit a variety of budgets and suit the many different personalities that make up a great daycare or preschool team. And if nothing else, we hope they’ll spark a great idea of what to get the team of folks who change those diapers, wipe those noses, and sing those special songs to your favorite little people all day long.

Our Favorites

Hydro Flask All Around Tumbler

Daycare Teachers Make So Much Possible—We Found Best Gifts To Show Your Appreciation (1)

Daycare teachers start their days so early, and yet they still greet our kids with such sunshiney, happy faces. What’s their secret? To mark a special occasion or the end of the year, we love treating them all to a breakfast complete with goodies from our favorite local spot and, of course, lots of coffee. And for an extra special touch for your child's teacher, buy a coffee tumbler—we love this insulated one from Hydro Flask that can keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours or hot for up to six. Bonus points if you fill it with a sweet note from you or your child!

Mirakel Back Neck Massager

Daycare Teachers Make So Much Possible—We Found Best Gifts To Show Your Appreciation (2)

A full day at the spa might be hard to swing on a budget, but you can still treat teachers to some R&R—which they could surely use after wrangling the under-5 crowd every day. Give the gift of relaxation to your daycare teacher with this highly coveted back and neck massager that'll have them unwinding in no time. Throw in scented bath bombs to make their post-massage bath even more soothing.

Honest Hand Sanitizer Gel

Daycare Teachers Make So Much Possible—We Found Best Gifts To Show Your Appreciation (3)

Pandemic or not, these teachers are around little kids who carry around tons of germs all day—and let's not forget all of those poopy diapers—so hand sanitizer is a must-have. We like Honest’s grapefruit-scented gel because it’s plant-based and has only 62% ethyl alcohol but still kills 99.9% of all germs. (Or go for the Free & Clear version, which has more alcohol but no fragrance.)

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Ella+Mila Nail Polish Set

Daycare Teachers Make So Much Possible—We Found Best Gifts To Show Your Appreciation (4)

Frequent hand-washing is the root of many a chipped nail—not to mention über dry, cracked hands. Treat your child's teacher to a new manicure, either with a gift certificate to your favorite salon in the area, or with a whole set of nontoxic, vegan, cruelty-free, and long-lasting polishes in delightful colors.

Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Purifying Black Mask

Daycare Teachers Make So Much Possible—We Found Best Gifts To Show Your Appreciation (5)

We’re not sure how often teachers get to treat themselves to some true rest and relaxation. Encourage your child’s teachers to make some time for self-care by giving them a little basket of skincare treats. Or, you could give just one really luxurious product you think they’ll like, such as this purifying mud mask to help cleanse away all the stresses of the week.

Brooklyn Candle Studio Fern and Moss Candle

Daycare Teachers Make So Much Possible—We Found Best Gifts To Show Your Appreciation (6)

It's time to really get to know your child's caretaker. Take note of a color they wear often, ask them about the smell of their perfume or lotion, their favorite vacation spot, or a favorite drink. When it comes time to shop, keep those things in mind and buy that perfume they told you about or that box of tea they love. If you aren't sure, purchase something that reminds you of them or that you just can't get enough of—like a scented candle. Include a note about why you chose that gift and express your gratitude.

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Cushionaire Feather Recovery Cloud Slides With +Comfort

Daycare Teachers Make So Much Possible—We Found Best Gifts To Show Your Appreciation (7)

Spending all day running after one toddler is exhausting enough, let alone a whole room full of them. They’ll appreciate taking off their daytime shoes and sliding into these cloud-like slippers at home. They’re also cute enough to be their go-to weekend shoes in the warmer months. The only challenge is going to be figuring out their shoe size, if you’re trying to surprise them with this gift.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Magnets Craft Kit

Daycare Teachers Make So Much Possible—We Found Best Gifts To Show Your Appreciation (8)

The past few years have been rough on families, with career stability and finances really taking a hit. There's no reason you have to spend more than you're able to show your gratitude; opting for something homemade can be just as meaningful as spending the big bucks. But if you’re not naturally a baker or crafty type, kits like this paint-your-own wooden magnet set can help you and your kids collaborate on some cute, pocket-size gifts for all the important daycare staff members on your list. You can buy three sets of four magnets (butterflies, flowers, and hearts) for under $30 or just one set for $10.

Amazon Gift Card

Daycare Teachers Make So Much Possible—We Found Best Gifts To Show Your Appreciation (9)

Still not sure what to get? A gift card will allow your child's teacher to get exactly what they want. To shop locally, try a gift certificate to a local restaurant you think they'll love. But you also cannot go wrong with a good old Amazon gift card, which you can email to them, so they can’t lose it or forget to spend it.

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Factors to Consider When Buying Daycare Teachers Gifts


Above all else, your own budget is going to dictate what to buy for your child’s teachers or childcare providers. Most teachers don’t expect anything beyond their regular pay, so anything you give them is above and beyond, especially if your budget is tight these days. If you have multiple children, and they’re in a classroom with multiple teachers, the costs will add up. Also think about whether you’ll be giving them gifts multiple times per year (the winter holidays, Teacher Appreciation Week, just before summer break, or some other special occasion).

At the same time, we’re talking about the people who care for, and often even love, your own children, so if there’s anyone who deserves a gift, it’s teachers.

Teacher’s Age and Lifestyle

If your child’s teacher is in their 20s, you probably don’t want to give them the same gifts you’d want for yourself. Before getting them a gift card, find out whether they live in the same town as you or are commuting from elsewhere. And think twice before buying something too intimate for teachers you don’t know very well.

Teaming Up With Other Parents

If you have a way of communicating with the other parents or caregivers in your child’s class, consider pooling money for a bigger gift. This can be every bit as meaningful while also providing funds for something extra special.

Your Questions, Answered

How much should you spend on a gift for a daycare teacher?

This is really a personal choice, and it depends as much on where you live as your own budget. On average, anywhere from $5-$75 is great. And no one should judge you whether you spend more or less.

Is it OK to give cash or gift cards to teachers?

Yes! Many teachers we’ve spoken to over the years are happy with cash or gift cards. They know how busy parents are, and they like having freedom of choice. But we still recommend adding a personal, handwritten note, and even a drawing by your kid.

Who We Are

Sabrina Rojas Weissis the senior commerce editor for Parents, which doesn’t mean she’s above buying Visa gift cards in bulk sometimes. She’s also very grateful that her 10-year-old son can write his own cards for his teachers now.

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  2. Gift ideas for daycare teachers: The article suggests various gift options for daycare teachers, including:

    • Hydro Flask All Around Tumbler: A coffee tumbler that keeps drinks cold or hot for an extended period.

    • Mirakel Back Neck Massager: A massager for relaxation and stress relief.

    • Honest Hand Sanitizer Gel: Plant-based hand sanitizer to combat germs.

    • Ella+Mila Nail Polish Set: Nontoxic and long-lasting nail polish set.

    • Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Purifying Black Mask: A purifying mud mask for skincare.

    • Brooklyn Candle Studio Fern and Moss Candle: A scented candle for a personalized gift.

    • Cushionaire Feather Recovery Cloud Slides With +Comfort: Comfortable slippers for relaxation.

    • Melissa & Doug Wooden Magnets Craft Kit: A craft set for homemade gifts.

    • Amazon Gift Card: A gift card for the teacher to choose their preferred gift.

  3. Factors to consider when buying daycare teacher gifts: The article highlights budget, age, lifestyle, and the option of teaming up with other parents as factors to consider when selecting gifts for daycare teachers.

  4. Answered questions: The article answers common questions, such as how much to spend on a gift for a daycare teacher and whether it's acceptable to give cash or gift cards.

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Daycare Teachers Make So Much Possible—We Found Best Gifts To Show Your Appreciation (2024)


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