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Looking for some fun games to play at your Valentine Party for Adults? I’ve compiled a great list of cheap and FREE games to make your party a ton of fun! The best part is most of these can be played with 2 people or 10!

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When it comes to infusing love, laughter, and a touch of competition into your gathering, there’s no better way than incorporating our unique and engaging Valentine’s games!

From relay races that spark friendly rivalry to love letter exchanges that warm the heart, we’ve gathered the best ideas to ensure your adult Valentine’s party is an absolute hit!

Here’s a list of Valentine’s Day party games suitable for adults to add a festive touch to your celebration:

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Valentine’s Day Escape Room Hunt

What’s more unique and creative than a Valentine’s Day Escape Room Hunt?

If you’re searching for ideas to keep your adult friends entertained, an escape room hunt could just be it. In the Valentine’s escape hunt, you will be deciphering codes, solving puzzles and following items leading to more puzzles to solve.How much fun is that?

This one was designed for all ages so kids can play too!


Newlywed Game

Test how well couples really know each other with the classic “Newlywed Game.” This entertaining and sometimes revealing game prompts couples to answer questions about their partner’s preferences, quirks, and habits.

From sentimental moments to lighthearted laughs, this game adds a delightful touch of nostalgia and fun, making it a perfect addition to your Valentine’s party for adults.

Balloon Pop Game

Add an element of surprise and anticipation to your Valentine’s party with the “Balloon Pop Game.” Each balloon hides a secret message, a dare, or a challenge.

Guests take turns popping balloons, revealing the contents and participating in the revealed activity. From sweet messages to playful dares, this game injects a burst of energy and laughter into your adult Valentine’s celebration.

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Mad Libs After Dark

Unleash your creativity and spice up the evening with “Mad Libs After Dark.” This adult twist on the classic word game takes your Valentine’s party to a whole new level. When you get adults in a room naturally the answers become more “adult” – makes for intesreting answers !

Guests will laugh, blush, and bond as they fill in the blanks with cheeky, humorous, or downright outrageous words. The result? A unique and often hilarious story that will be the talk of the party.


Couple’s Karaoke

Turn up the romance with “Couple’s Karaoke.” This delightful game is a great way for pairs to showcase their vocal talents or share a duet.

Include love songs and candy hearts for a perfect game that brings laughter and entertainment to your Valentine’s celebration.

Elevate the wordplay at your Valentine’s party with the “Valentine’s Day-Related Words” game. This engaging activity challenges guests to quickly come up with words related to Valentine’s Day.

From romantic terms to festive phrases, participants will enjoy a lively word association game that sparks laughter and friendly competition. It’s a quick and easy way to infuse some word-themed excitement into your celebration.

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Valentine’s Day Bingo

Bingo gets a romantic makeover with “Valentine’s Day Bingo.” This themed version of the classic game replaces traditional numbers with Valentine’s Day-related images or words.

Guests can enjoy the thrill of marking off hearts, Cupid’s arrows, or romantic phrases as they compete for bingo glory. It’s a light-hearted and engaging way to keep the party atmosphere buzzing with excitement.

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Couples Trivia

Challenge couples to put their knowledge to the test with “Couples Trivia.” This game is designed to reveal how well partners know each other, featuring questions ranging from the sweet to the surprising.

It’s a delightful way to encourage friendly competition and laughter among couples at your Valentine’s party.

Romantic Pictionary

Unleash your artistic side with “Romantic Pictionary.” This game adds a creative flair to your Valentine’s party as participants draw and guess romantic scenes, phrases, or gestures. Just grab a board to draw on and create a list of things to draw and put them in a hat!

It’s a lively and entertaining activity that sparks laughter and friendly competition among your guests.

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Valentine’s Day Charades:

Bring laughter and creativity to the party with “Valentine’s Day Charades.” Act out romantic scenes, phrases, or famous couples in this classic game with a love-themed twist.

It’s a lively and engaging activity that encourages guests to showcase their acting skills while celebrating the spirit of Valentine’s Day.


Valentine’s Day Jenga

Take the classic game of Jenga to a romantic level with “Valentine’s Day Jenga.” Incorporate love-themed prompts on each block and watch as players carefully remove and complete the tasks.

A perfect game for a large group, this Jenga variation promises a great time filled with laughter and camaraderie.

Couples Cook-Off

Turn up the heat in the kitchen with a “Couples Cook-Off.” This relay race-inspired game challenges pairs to create a delectable dish within a time limit.

With candy hearts and love-themed ingredients, it’s a fun way to bring couples together in the kitchen for a delicious and entertaining Valentine’s party!

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Valentine’s Day Scattergories

Scattergories is really simple fun word game.

Every game starts with the same letter and you have to answer the questions (as quickly as possible) that begin with that letter.

The aim is to find an answer that no one else has, so you get bonus points!

There are 4 Valentine’s Day scattergories boards to print out and play with, perfect for kids and adults of all ages.


Heart Hunt

Create an enchanting atmosphere with a “Heart Hunt.” Scatter paper hearts or foam hearts throughout the venue and challenge your guests to find them all.

It’s a different way to celebrate the holiday, providing a delightful activity for family members and friends at your Valentine’s party.

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Foster excitement and camaraderie with a “Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt.” Create a list of romantic clues and hide tokens of affection throughout the venue.

Guests work together or compete to solve the clues and uncover hidden treasures, making this scavenger hunt a memorable highlight of your Valentine’s gathering.

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DIY Chocolate Tasting

Indulge in a delectable experience with a “DIY Chocolate Tasting.” Set up a chocolate station with various types and flavors, encouraging guests to savor and compare different chocolates.

It’s a sweet and interactive way to explore the world of chocolate, making your Valentine’s party a true treat for the senses.

You could even elevate the chocolate experience with a playful “Blindfolded Chocolate Taste Test.” Participants, blindfolded, sample various chocolates and attempt to identify the flavors.

This sensory game adds an element of surprise and laughter to your Valentine’s celebration.

These Valentine’s party games offer a variety of entertainment for different ways of celebrating love and joy with family members and friends.

Remember to consider the preferences and comfort levels of your guests when planning these activities, and have a fantastic Valentine’s Day celebration!


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17 Valentine Party Games for Adults that Couples Will LOVE | SwagGrabber (8)
17 Valentine Party Games for Adults that Couples Will LOVE | SwagGrabber (2024)


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