15 Easy Valentine's Day Class Party Ideas - 2024 - So Festive! (2024)

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Planning a Valentine's Day class party is super easy with these delightful ideas for games, crafts, activities, and treats.

this awesome idea!

Valentine's Party Ideas

Planning a classroom Valentine's Day party can be a lot of work. Lucky for you, we've rounded up the simplest and most fun ideas that everyone will love.

We've learned that simpler is better when it comes to planning a classroom party. That means that all of these Valentine's party ideas require very little preparation, are inexpensive, and don't require lots of your help to pull off. (Read: no hot glue gun crafts!)

How to plan a classroom Valentine party

What makes a fun and memorable Valentine's Day party?

The best way to do a class party is by dividing up the class into smaller groups. Each group should rotate between stations. Typically, 4-5 students in each group is a good number, but it can be more depending on how much time you have.

Here's some Valentine's party station ideas you should have:

  • Valentine game
  • Valentine's Day craft
  • Valentine's Day snack or treat
  • Valentine's printable activity pages
  • Read one of these cute Valentine books
  • Pass out classroom Valentines

If you spend around 10 minutes at each of these stations, you easily have an hour Valentine's Day party planned for you.

Valentine's Class Party Activities

Here's all the best Valentine's Day party games, crafts, and activities to choose from!

Valentine's Day Songs For Kids (Free Playlist)

A free Valentine's Day playlist with all the best Valentines songs for kids! It's perfect for classroom parties!


Decorate Sugar Cookies

Decorating heart sugar cookies is always a hit at classroom Valentine's Day parties.

Use this easy sugar cookie recipe (that can be made ahead). Grab some frosting and sprinkles for a fun activity.

Try It

Valentines Minute To Win It

Minute to Win It Games are always a hit and these Valentine themed games are easy and would be great for 5th graders, 6th graders or even 2nd graders.

Minute Games

Valentine's Day Bingo

Wondering what to do at a classroom Valentine party? Play Bingo- Valentines' Day style.

These cute printable Valentine Bingo cards include bright and colorful pictures that make it easy enough for preschoolers to play, too.

Play It

Valentine's Day Craft

Kids love hands on Valentines crafts. All you'll need for this craft is paper straws, yarn and foam hearts. This would be a great Valentines Day activity for kindergarteners or 1st graders!


Valentine's Day Don't Eat Pete Game

Don't Eat Pete is always a favorite game at class parties! It's easy to play and requires no preparation besides printing off the Don't Eat Pete game printable.


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Love Monster Craft

Need a preschool Valentine craft? They'll go crazy about these cute love monsters. Comes with stickers and everything you need for a simple activity.

15 Easy Valentine's Day Class Party Ideas - 2024 - So Festive! (9)

Guessing Jar

Fill up a jar with Valentines candy like gummy hearts, red hots, or conversation hearts. Have the kids guess how many pieces are in the jar. The person who guesses the closest wins and gets to keep the jar of candy!

Don't Say The Word!

Based off our popular Dollar Bill game, attach a paper heart to everyone's shirt using a paper clip or clothespin. Choose a word or action that is off limits. If a player says that word, they give their heart to the player who catches them. The person with the most hearts at the end of the party wins a fun prize of your choice.

Game Directions

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Scratch-Off Heart Craft

An easy Valentine's Day craft that requires no preparation! This kit from Amazon includes enough for 27 kids to design their own scratch-off heart and includes embellishments.

Valentine Coloring Pages

If you need another easy activity for Valentine's Day, print off some cute coloring pages. There's options for boys, girls, coloring pages for preschoolers and older kids, too!

Print Coloring Pages

Read a Valentine's Day Book

For a calm class party station idea, choose one of these adorable Valentine's Day books to read.

See the list

Valentine's Day Packet

For an effortless Valentines party activity, print off a few of these Valentines activity pages. There are so many to choose from in the bundle. Valentines I Spy games, Would You Rather, Conversation Cards, Roll & Cover and more fun games/activities that will keep kids busy with no prep on your end.

Download the Valentines' Day Activity Pack

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Tic-Tac-Toe Snack Craft

Sippy Cup Mom is the brilliant mind behind this fun Valentine snack that doubles as a game!

Pass Out Valentines

Be sure to plan in time to hand out Valentines! And in case you're looking for some printable Valentines for kids, check out these options including non-candy Valentines!

See the printable Valentines

15 Easy Valentine's Day Class Party Ideas - 2024 - So Festive! (17)

Valentine's Day Stem Challenge

This simple Stem challenge from Buggy and Buddy would make great Valentine's day classroom party ideas 4th grade or any grade!

I hope these ideas help you plan the best Valentines party ever!

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